19th May 2022

5 Most Common Reasons for Warning Lights on Your Dashboard

Do you know your oil check from your tyre pressure light? If not, you’re not alone, and a lot of people panic when they see their dashboard light up. With so many icons on there, it’s easy to get confused when you’re not a trained technician but you could be missing a serious issue that could put you a risk. At John Delany Motors, Stockport we’re here to help clear things up! Keep reading for these five most common reasons your dashboard warning lights come on. 

1. You Might Have an Electrical Fault 

Your electrical fault light is in the shape of a car battery and in most vehicles, it looks the same. When it’s on it is showing that you may have an issue with the electrics in your car, your battery may not be able to perform as it should. Ignoring it shouldn’t cause major damage, but there is a strong chance you won’t be able to start the car the next time you try. It’s best to bring it in for a check-up with your local Stockport garage.


2. You Could Have a Fault in the Engine

 The engine management light is simple to see, it looks like an engine block. This is usually the most concerning light for drivers due to the damage that it could point towards. This warning light is linked to the vehicle emissions and all the components which aid in the correct operation of the running of your engine. This warning light should not be ignored as continuous driving can cause further damage to other components and risk of engine failing to run. We recommend that you  take your car in for a diagnostic check as soon as possible 

3. Your Brakes Might Not Work 

One of the most common lights to come on is the brake system, there are multiple warning lights and it’s avoidable in a lot of cases. You could have left the parking brake on so check this first to see if it fixes the issue. 

If not then you want to check your brake fluid level. You may need new brake pads or it could be a serious fault with the braking system as a whole. 

 It’s not worth the risk so take your car into your local Stockport garage. We’ll give your brakes the once over and ensure your car is safe to go back on the road. 

Dashboard warning lights John Delany Motors Stockport Garage

4. Your Oil Level May Be Low 

You’ll find this warning light in the shape of an oil can and it’s another important light not to ignore.  

A Red warning light indicates a loss of oil pressure, do not continue to run engine as doing so can cause serious damage in very little time. 

An Amber warning light normally indicates low level of oil, this can decrease the performance of your engine and over time may cause serious damage so keep on top of it and check the oil levels and the state of its viscosity. If you’re concerned, bring it in for an oil change to avoid issues down the road. 

5. Your Engine Might Be Too Hot 

Your coolant temperature light looks like a thermometer dipping into liquid. Its role is to tell you if your engine is going to overheat. This could be down to a variety of reasons that aren’t always easy to spot at first. 

Some are minor while others are more serious. It’s best to call in at a garage for a check. At the very least, you should stop the car and give your engine time to cool down and recover. 

Don’t Ignore Your Dashboard Warning Lights 

Your dashboard warning lights aren’t the time to bury your head in the sand. It’s how your car tells you something is wrong and you could face serious mechanical faults. Even small issues can escalate into larger, more costly ones if you ignore them too long. 

If you’re looking for a vehicle technician you can trust, book now with us today. John Delany Motors, we’ve got the experience and knowledge to help with all your warning light worries.