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Battery Servicing

Battery failure is the number one reason for breakdown in the UK as all car batteries lose their charging capability over time as they age.

Your battery is charged when the vehicles engine is running. This energy is stored until it is required to start the vehicle.  If any of the vehicles consumers like lights or other electrics are left on whilst the engine is not running, the battery can deplete its energy preventing it from starting.

Your vehicle’s battery is the only power source for starting your vehicle, which is why it is essential that your battery is in perfect running order. The Bosch range of batteries that we use here at John Delany are proven to have a greater starting power than most other brands.

Some modern vehicles are fitted with automatic Stop Start technology, and require a different type of battery.

Our specialist equipment assesses the condition of your battery and can identify underlying faults. We will check your battery for free with the latest Bosch testing equipment which flags any faults prior to failure. Our battery health check test includes checking for corrosion on the terminals as well as the voltage output. It will also provide a clear indication as to the condition of the battery and we will be able to identify whether a failure is imminent, before it lets you down, by comparing the test results against the manufacturer’s specification.

If necessary, we can replace your battery with a new one, whether it be a standard battery or if the vehicle is fitted with Automatic Stop-Start Technology. As a premium Bosch supplier, we hold the majority of batteries in stock, and if not, we would normally be able to supply you with one within the hour. Most importantly, the health check conducted by our experienced technicians and the Bosch specialist equipment will alert you to any underlying battery faults before they become an issue.

You should consider getting your battery checked if:

  • Cold conditions arise. A loss of electrical power is typically more noticeable in colder and darker months, when the systems are running more than normal and therefore using more of the battery’s energy.
  • You have difficulty starting your vehicle and the engine does not spin over as quick when turning the key. If, when turning the key, you hear a clicking sound, this means there is not enough power to crank the engine.
  • A dashboard warning light has appeared in your vehicle.

A basic battery health check is carried out as standard as part of your Summer or Winter Health car check. If you are worried about the age or charging capability of your car battery, don’t leave it until your car won’t start. Call us on 0161 477 6266 to book in and we will carry out a free and thorough check of your battery.

For more information or to book your appointment, call 0161 477 6266 or email

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