Vehicle Diagnostics & Fault Finding

Vehicle Diagnostics (Vehicle Management Systems)

Vehicle diagnosis is the process of reading faults shown on your car using diagnostic equipment. Each vehicle has a number of control units which communicate with each other allowing the vehicle to operate optimally.

What are the benefits of vehicle diagnostics?

Diagnostic equipment is one of the most indispensible tools required for modern vehicle repair. No matter what the fault is on a vehicle it is likely that one of the many control units fitted will have to be accessed to either clear the fault memory or configure replacement parts.

Using the latest vehicle diagnostic equipment we can find your fault more quickly resulting in lower labour charges.

Our Equipment

There are various types of diagnostic equipment on the market from basic OBD scanners through to full dealer level kits.

At John Delany Motors we use dealer level equipment allowing us full access to all control units and vehicle information. Because of this, our technicians can be more precise and accurate with their diagnosis following the manufacturers test procedures.

With our direct link to the manufacturers we are able to carry out software updates and re-programming keeping up to date with the latest changes.

We can read faults on almost every make and model of car and light commercial vehicle. Our high level of equipment means that we are able to find your fault more quickly resulting in lower labour charges.

  • Bosch DCU130
    As a member of the BOSCH Super Plus Program, we have the ability to diagnose almost every vehicle make and model. Having the latest BOSCH Diagnostic Equipment to hand helps us find faults quicker. If a fault is found we can usually deal with it the next day ensuring labour costs are kept to a minimum.
  • Mercedes-Benz Star Testing
    We operate dealer level Mercedes-Benz Star Testing with direct links to Mercedes-Benz Germany for latest updates and full programme compatibilities.
  • Volkswagen & Audi Gesellschaft/Association
    Specialising in VW, Audi, Skoda & Seat diagnostics.
  • Ford & Mazda IDS
    Specialising in Ford & Mazda diagnostics.

Warning Lights

It’s important to know whether a warning light requires immediate attention or if your vehicle is safe to drive and requires a garage to investigate it later.

If a warning light appears on your dashboard find a safe place to stop the car, turn off the ignition and remove the key for around 5 minutes. Then restart the car. If the fault is still there permanently or intermittently then give us a call.

We can assist you and provide information on whether the car is safe to drive.  If you continue to use your vehicle with a warning light on it may cause further damage and expense and could be dangerous.

It’s always a good idea to keep your vehicle handbook in your car as it should give you a detailed explanation of the warning lights and what action you should take.

Whatever the vehicle we have many options of reading the fault code that caused the warning light to illuminate. Our skilled technicians are able to diagnose and advise of the next steps.

Important Warning Lights

Brake System Brake Fluid   Brake System/ Brake Fluid Warning Light                                              Battery Charge Warning Light   Battery Charge Warning Light


Oil Warning Light   Oil Warning Light                                                                                    Engine Warning Light    Engine Warning Light


Airbag Warning Light   Airbag Warning Light                                                                              Tyre Pressure Monitor Warning Light   Tyre Pressure Monitor Warning Light


Power Steering Warning Light   Power Steering Warning Light                                                                Coolant Warning Light   Coolant Warning Light


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