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Tyre FAQ's

Can I drive with a flat tyre?

If you have a flat tyre while driving, you should not continue to drive the vehicle. Continuing driving on a flat tyre could lead to further damage to your wheels and vehicle and costly repairs. Instead, where possible, you should stop in a safe location as soon as possible. Further travel with a known fault could be dangerous and can carry a penalty, including a fine and points on your driving licence.

If the vehicle has run flat tyres, driving to a place of safety at a reduced speed is acceptable.

Can I drive with a nail in my tyre?

The most common cause of a puncture is usually a nail or screw embedded in your tyre.

Your first impulse may be to remove it, but in fact the best course of action is to leave it where it is. If the screw is pushed into the tyre far enough, it is more than likely stopping it losing air. Driving a short distance to somewhere you can get your tyre fixed properly or replaced will be acceptable however continuing to drive long distances is not advised. Getting the screw removed as soon as possible can also be cost effective. If you catch it early, it may be a simple and inexpensive puncture repair. If left, however, it could lead to you needing a whole new tyre.
If your puncture is in the middle of your tyre, not near the sidewall, it’s more than likely that the puncture can be repaired. If you need to drive a long distance, some vehicles come with a tyre foam kit which can be used in emergency to temporarily repair the puncture.

How long does tyre foam last?

When you incur a puncture, tyre foam can be used to temporarily fix the problem. However, it’s important to remember that it’s only a short-term repair as the tyre hasn’t been removed and examined for internal damage. Tyre foam or sealant can last between 50 – 100 miles and isn’t recommended as a long term solution. It’s essential that you get your tyre fixed or replaced properly as soon as possible.

What is wheel balancing?

This is included with your tyre fitting, we don’t charge extra for balancing. Small weights are added to the wheel in order to make sure the wheel is balanced properly, eliminating any shaking or judder. If a wheel is out of balance it can cause the steering wheel or vehicle to shake.

This should not be mistaken for vehicle tracking or wheel alignment. (link to vehicle tracking/wheel alignment page).

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