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Bulbs & Wipers


Did you know that a blown bulb will result in a MOT test failure?

Ensuring your vehicle’s lights are working is critical for your own safety and also other road users as it allows you to be able to see and help others to see you.

Our technicians are experienced in quickly fitting replacement bulbs and we usually do this free of charge, saving you the trouble. However, there’s some simple checks you can carry out yourself to ensure they’re in working order.

  • Headlamps should be cleaned regularly to provide optimum light output. Dirt or an accumulation of grime from poor weather can cause a refraction in light or produce a glare which can affect other road users or the way they see you.
  • Ask a friend or family member to help you check your brake lights and indicators by observing the vehicle from all angles as you apply the brake pedal and indicators
  • If one of your indicators is blinking faster than usual, it usually means there is a fault, or the indicator bulb has blown.


Your vehicle’s windscreen wipers are essential to safe driving – clearing rain and dirt from your windscreen and ensuring you can see the road ahead (and behind) clearly. Like many parts of your car, wiper blades deteriorate over time and should be checked regularly.

Our technicians are experienced in quickly fitting replacement wiper blades, free of charge, saving you the trouble. However, if your vehicles windscreen wipers display any of the following we’d advise getting them checked out.

  • Wipers are leaving streaks on the windscreen
  • The Windscreen wipers are leaving some parts of the windscreen wet and some dry
  • Visible cracks or splits
  • The wiper is no longer making contact with the windscreen
  • The wiper judders or doesn’t move smoothly across the windscreen
  • They make a lot of noise or squeal when they pass over the windscreen

Ineffective windscreen wipers can result in a MOT failure, so make sure you check and replace your damaged wipers before taking your MOT Test.

At John Delany Motors we supply and provide free fitting on high quality Bosch Wipers and Bulbs to most vehicles. We hold most parts in stock and can fit while you wait.

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