13th May 2024

7 Easy Tips to Get Your Car Ready for Spring and Summer

Use this quick and easy list of helpful tips to make sure your car is ready for Spring and Summer ahead. Don’t take any risks on the road.

As we wave goodbye to the chill of Winter, it’s time to prepare your vehicle and get ready for the warmer months ahead.

Ensuring your vehicle is in top shape for the Spring and Summer is crucial for smooth and safe rides. Whether you drive alone, with passengers or with the family, your car is only as safe as you make it, so don’t ignore the need to maintain it all year round.

As many people plan domestic holidays and long distance drives during the warmer months and longer days, it is more important than ever to make sure your car is able to perform as well as you need it to.

You can take action and prepare your car for the sunny seasons and warmer weather with these essential maintenance tips:

Get your car ready for Spring and Summer

Check Tyre Treads

Before hitting the road, inspect your tyre treads carefully to guarantee proper traction. Worn treads can be dangerous during wet conditions, not to mention illegal, so don’t neglect this crucial aspect of car maintenance as you get your car ready for Spring and Summer. It isn’t just during wet weather where tyre treads are important though, and they will help you maintain control when braking, whatever the weather.

Check Tyre Pressures

Maintaining the correct tyre pressure is vital for fuel efficiency and overall road performance. Don’t forget to inflate or deflate your tyres according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. This varies with each vehicle manufacturer, the model of vehicle and the tyre size so always check the advisory guidelines. The payload of the vehicle including the number of people and luggage in the vehicle at any given time can also affect the required pressure, so be prepared to make changes on a journey by journey basis. You can find your recommended tyre pressure either printed in the sill of the drivers door, on the inside of the fuel tank flap or in your vehicle handbook.

Check Oil Level

Spring and summer bring higher temperatures, making it essential to ensure your engine oil is at the optimal level. Engine oil is the lifeline of your car, so try to keep an eye on it to prevent engine damage. If you were to run out of oil unexpectedly, the damage to the car and the cost to repair it could be a much bigger barrier to driving than simply maintaining your car from time to time.

Check Coolant Level

With the rising temperatures, your engine’s cooling system works overtime. Make sure your coolant levels are sufficient to avoid overheating and potential engine issues. This is an easy thing to keep on top of, so don’t ignore the need to maintain the correct coolant level.

Check Wipers

Investigate the condition of your wiper blades to ensure they can handle the sporadic Spring showers. Don’t worry about being caught in the rain unprepared and replace worn-out wipers promptly. Most car care stores will have a wide range of wider blades available, so don’t wait until it’s too late.

Check Lights

Days are longer in Spring and Summer, but proper lighting remains crucial for visibility. Check all your lights, including indicators and brakes, to ensure they are in working order. With many cars having automatic lighting these days, you should receive a warning, but it’s a good idea to check anyway, for extra peace of mind.

Check Washer Fluid

Muddy roads from the residue of Winter and splattered bugs from Summer drives can obstruct your vision. Keep your wiper fluid topped up for clear visibility at all times. It’s a good idea to keep a bottle in your car, just in case.

Spring is the perfect time to give your vehicle some extra TLC. Here are some bonus top tips to enhance your car’s performance and longevity:

  • Don’t Forget Brake Fluid – Ensure your brake fluid is at the recommended level to maintain effective braking, especially after the cold weather.
  • Car Wash – Treat your car to a thorough wash to remove salt residue from Winter roads, preserving its paint and bodywork.
  • Wiper Blades – Replace worn-out wiper blades to guarantee a clear view during sudden downpours.
  • Check Your Oil Regularly – Engine oil plays a crucial role in lubricating and protecting your engine, so monitor it regularly to prevent wear and tear.

By following these maintenance tips, you can have peace of mind knowing your car is ready for the upcoming seasons.

Don’t let car troubles dampen your Spring and Summer adventures.

Take proactive steps to keep your vehicle in top condition.

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