11th May 2018

Air Conditioning Changes

It’s recommended that you have your vehicles’ air conditioning re-gassed at least every 2 years to keep it running efficiently. If you turned your Air Con on last weekend to find that it wasn’t performing up to scratch this could be due to a number of different problems.

As of 2017 the air conditioning gas used in vehicles has changed. All vehicles prior to 2017 used a gas known as R134a. As of 2017 a new type of gas, HFO-1234yf, is required by law for all new vehicles. The new gas produces 98% fewer climate damaging pollutants so is a great step forward for the motor industry.

Vehicles with the new gas require new equipment to service the air conditioning. As it currently stands all vehicles using the R134a gas can continue using this until the reserves are used up. There is no current requirement to convert cars to use the new refrigerant. Once there is no R134a remaining, vehicles prior to 2017 will then go on to use the new gas. The only current way for us to determine if your car is affected is to identify the type of connectors.

An air conditioning service with John Delany Motors on most vehicles manufactured prior to 2017 costs £60+VAT. We are now also able to offer A/C services on vehicles registered after 2017 too for £145+VAT.