31st May 2022

Class 7 MOT's in Stockport

Did you know that if your vehicle doesn’t have a valid MOT and is classed as dangerous, you can face consequences of a £2500 fine, a driving ban, and points on your licence? 

This means that a Class 7 MOT test is essential for your goods vehicle, and keeping your business running.

When you’re searching through MOT testing Centres in Stockport and trying to find one that provides the Class 7 MOT test, think of us. At John Delany Motors, we pride ourselves on offering quality service. 

At our Stockport garage, you can book your vehicle for its MOT test up to twenty-eight days before the renewal date on your certificate whist maintaining your renewal date for the following year. It is worth noting that if your vehicle fails it will need maintenance before it can be deemed roadworthy. 

Does That Mean You?

A class 7 vehicle is a commercial vehicle that weighs between 3 and 3.5 tonnes, for example, larger transit vans, high tops, and trucks. 

The DVSA won’t remind you when your MOT is due, but at John Delany Motors we offer a free MOT reminder, either through email or text message. 

You should bring your class 7 vehicle to an MOT test centre every year but if you’re unsure of the exact date, you will find it printed on your previous MOT certificate. You can also check the MOT history by visiting the gov.uk website or by giving us a call on 0161 477 6266.

Class 7 MOT Test

The MOT test is an inspection that ensures your vehicle is roadworthy, and it falls into different classes. We currently offer MOT Tests on Class 4 & Class 7 vehicles.

On your vehicles MOT Test we check legal standards and environmental standards, looking at parts like your vehicle’s brakes, steering, windscreen wipers, and exhaust systems to name a few. 

It is very important to trust your MOT Test centre as they are responsible for your safety on the roads. If you’re in Stockport, Cheshire or Greater Manchester then our garage is the one for you. 

Why Choose our Stockport Garage?

If the free refreshments aren’t enough to entice you, then maybe our highly trained and certified technicians will be. Not to mention our four decades of experience and our friendly customer service.

We also know that your class 7 goods vehicle is your business, and how important it is to keep it on the road, which is why we provide a fleet maintenance service

John Delany Motors is the largest independent garage in Stockport and we pride ourselves on our honest and trustworthy service. If your goods vehicle is to fail the Class 7 MOT Test, we will retest it for free within ten working days of the original test. 

MOT Testing Centres

While you’re with us, you can wait with your vehicle and enjoy

our complimentary refreshments or visit a nearby coffee shop. You’ll have approximately fifty minutes to make the most of Stockport town centre

We look forward to seeing you at John Delany Motors and making your experience one that will make you feel at ease about leaving your goods vehicles in our capable hands. Our MOT Testing Centre can handle all 3.5 tonnes of your vehicle with ease.

To have your Class 7 MOT test at our Stockport garage, booking is required, which you can do online or by calling us on 0161 477 6266.