1st May 2024

Understanding the different types of car service

There are many different types of car service to consider when trying to take proactive care of your vehicle. Regular car servicing can save you time and money.

Car maintenance is incredibly important when it comes to keeping your car running smoothly and efficiently, for as long as possible. It is your responsibility to keep your vehicle running efficiently, but how can you do that if you don’t know what’s available to you?

Many people don’t think about servicing or maintaining their car until it becomes too late, at which point their car doesn’t need a service, it requires a repair.

At John Delany Motors, we pride ourselves on being more cost effective than the main dealers, but we also know that servicing when things are running smoothly, makes much more sense than repairing things when they go wrong.

Repairing a broken vehicle is far more difficult, time consuming and expensive than taking regular care and maintenance of your vehicle through servicing. It’s always a good idea to keep on top of your servicing schedule, no matter the age of your car.

With numerous types of car services available though, it’s essential to understand the differences between each to ensure your car receives the care it requires. It’s also important to check that you’re not being too cautious, as this could waste time and money too.

For instance, no one should really be getting their car serviced every couple of months!

It can be confusing to know what type of car service is needed, not to mention when it is needed and how frequently it should be carried out.

From basic check-ups to comprehensive services, let’s take a look at the world of car servicing and try to understand the benefits of each type. At John Delany Motors, we focus on three categories of servicing; manufacturers services, full or major service, and interim or intermediate service.

Here’s what’s involved in each:

Manufacturers Service

At the core of proactive car care lies manufacturers servicing. This form of maintenance involves scheduled inspections and maintenance checks to address potential issues before they arise and escalate.

Manufacturer services are carried out on your vehicle depending on mileage or age requirements as specified by your vehicle manufacturer. Every manufacturer has different specifications for their service intervals and which aspects of the service need to be carried out at certain ages or mileage. So you must use a reputable garage that will follow the service schedule correctly.

As with many things, prevention is better than the cure, so try to stay on top of your regular servicing to save on time and money. It’s also worth pointing out that this service does not affect your warranty and is exactly as your main dealer provides. The difference with John Delany Motors is that, not only do we provide exceptional customer service, but in some cases, we can save you as much as 50% on dealer costs.

Interim Service

An interim service acts as a bridge between full services. We recommend alternating between and interim and full service. Depending on your mileage this may mean that you have an interim service one year followed by a full service the next year.

An interim service includes essential maintenance checks like oil filter replacement, fluid level top-up and brake pad assessment. This midpoint service interval helps catch any emerging issues and ensures your car remains roadworthy between full services.

This is another proactive way to keep costs down for repairs, as issues are identified ahead of time before they become a problem or cause a breakdown.

Major or Full Car Service

Considered by many to be the pinnacle of car maintenance, a full car service leaves no stone unturned when it comes to caring for your vehicle.

This extensive check-up is usually recommended every other year and covers all major components, including brake pads, spark plugs, engine oil and a range of other features. Ensuring your car runs at its peak performance, a full service all but guarantees your vehicle’s longevity and safety on the road.

While the cost of a full service may be higher, the comprehensive inspection and maintenance provided are worth the investment in the long run for the peace of mind it provides. For cars with high mileage or those well overdue for maintenance, a major service is a comprehensive inspection that addresses all aspects of car servicing. This type of service is particularly beneficial for vehicles lacking a full-service history or experiencing persistent issues.

With detailed component checks, a major service is a thorough examination aimed at restoring your car to optimal condition. While the cost may be higher, the benefits of a major service in terms of performance and longevity are invaluable.

If you are unsure of your vehicles service history, we recommend starting with a full service and depending on mileage would choose an interim service for the following year.

There are many different types of car service to consider when trying to take proactive care of your vehicle. Regular car servicing can save you time and money. We are always happy to offer our advice based on your vehicle’s history.

Types of Car Services Based on Inclusions

What will your car service include? Aside from the frequency and depth of maintenance, car services can also vary based on the inclusions they offer. Understanding what each service encompasses can help you choose the right option for your vehicle’s needs.

Here are some common inclusions in different types of car services:

  • Engine Oil Change – Essential for lubricating and protecting your engine, regular oil changes are a fundamental aspect of car maintenance.
  • Brake Pad Inspection – Ensuring your brake pads are in good condition is vital for safe driving. Regular inspections help prevent brake failures and maintain optimal braking performance.
  • Fluid Level Checks – Checking and topping up fluid levels, such as coolant, brake fluid and transmission fluid, is crucial for the overall health of your vehicle.
  • Spark Plug Replacement – Spark plugs play a key role in the ignition process. Replacing them at the recommended intervals can improve fuel efficiency and engine performance.
  • Oil Filter Replacement – A clean oil filter is essential for trapping contaminants and ensuring clean oil circulates through your engine. Regular replacement is necessary to prevent engine damage.

Understanding the different types of car services and their inclusions is crucial for maintaining your vehicle’s health and performance.

Whether you opt for a regular service to keep things running smoothly or invest in a full car service for comprehensive care, prioritising car servicing is key to prolonging your car’s lifespan and ensuring safe travels on the road.

Choose the right type of service based on your car’s needs and budget and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a well-maintained vehicle.

Taking care of your car when it is running well is much cheaper than trying to fix it when something goes badly wrong. By investing some time and money into a structured service plan, you can save yourself the headache of getting stuck at the side of the road.

Budgeting and planning may not be the most entertaining things to think about, especially when you’ve just bought a new car, but they’re important if you care about saving time, effort and money in the long run.

Once again, we’re proud to offer a high level of service, no matter what age or model of vehicle you bring in to us, and remember, at John Delany Motors, we can do anything the main dealerships can do, often for a much more competitive rate.

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