17th March 2021

Walk while you wait..

Discover Stockport.

A montage of Stockport by Eamon Murphy – to see more of his work click here

Next time you drop your car in for an MOT or Service why don’t you take the opportunity to increase your daily step count and visit some of the wonderful places that are right on our doorstep. Stockport has so many interesting and historic places that you can walk to within ten minutes of our premises.

Stockport is also a destination for TV & film locations, In the 1979 film “Yanks” Richard Gere once ran through the market, Life on Mars was filmed in Stockport and more recently The Plaza was transformed to “Bingley Hall” and appeared in Season 5 of Peaky Blinders. The Netflix drama, “The Stranger” also chose Stockport for its filming location. So next time your car is in for its Service or MOT why not take a walk through Stockport, you never know you may end up seeing some famous faces.

Unfortunately due to the current pandemic some attractions are currently closed. We will add them to this blog when they re-open after the current Covid-19 restrictions are lifted. In the meantime, why not take a walk down the Lowry Steps or just enjoy looking at some of these historic buildings from the outside