14th April 2022

Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Servicing and Repairs in the heart of Stockport.

Do you own a hybrid or an electric vehicle?

Your hybrid or electric vehicle deserves to be in the best possible hands at all times. The condition and safety of your car is our absolute priority, at John Delany Motors, we get you back on the road as quickly and efficiently as possible so you can enjoy the wonderful driving experience that these vehicles give.

What you need to know about Electric and Hybrid vehicles

Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Servicing and Repairs in the heart of Stockport

Over the last couple of years, there has been a huge surge in Electric and Hybrid vehicles. But, you may be wondering what exactly are they and how they compare to petrol or diesel vehicles?

Hybrid and Electric vehicles are powered by an electric motor which allows the vehicle to use energy stored in the battery. Some Hybrids are plugged in to charge the battery via an electric outlet and other models charge their battery through regenerative braking.

You’ve probably heard of a plug-in Hybrid Electric vehicle and perhaps wondered what exactly it is. Well, this type of Hybrid model is a combination of petrol and electric vehicle, meaning they have a battery, an electric motor and an internal combustion engine.

Hybrids are either strong or mild depending on how their system operates. Mild hybrids use an electric motor to boost the acceleration of a combustion engine, in turn saving fuel. Strong hybrids cut the engine in and out as required so they can travel short distances on electric power only, this is mainly when slowing down and stationary.

Wondering about the repairs and service?

We understand you may be feeling curious as to how complicated the repair and service of one of these vehicles may be. To give you a basic idea, an electric motor also has fewer moving parts than a traditional petrol-driven engine. So, what does that mean exactly? Well, it’s fair to say that this makes them somewhat easier to maintain.

However, when it comes to hybrids, they can be slightly more complicated because they combine both systems. All this means is that they might require a little more work to maintain. In all truth and to be honest with our readers, neither hybrid cars nor electric cars are significantly more difficult to repair than a petrol-driven vehicle, in fact, quite often they can be much simpler.

With us, you’re in safe, highly-skilled, friendly hands

These days, with environmental awareness on the rise, the use of electric and hybrid vehicles is increasing. The recovery, repair and maintenance of these vehicles is something that we’re extremely pleased to say our technicians have full knowledge, awareness and confidence on. People in the motor vehicle industry are likely to come across battery electric vehicles (BEV), Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) as well as Plug-In Hybrid more and more as time goes on, so it’s essential that garages are familiar with them, here at Delany Motors, we’re proud to say we are.

Our team of highly trained technicians have developed the skills to deal with Electric and Hybrid Vehicles and therefore have the important knowledge to be able to deal with them.

Not every garage will be able to work on hybrid and electric vehicles, but we do

When it comes to fixing hybrid and electric vehicles, although most of the time the problems are quite straightforward to fix, handling their electrical components presents a range of hazards that a lot of mechanics aren’t trained to deal with. Inside these vehicles are high voltage parts which means they require specially qualified technicians and a garage equipped with the necessary tools. John Delany Motors are qualified and here to help.

It is worth noting, at this moment in time, that battery health checks must be completed by the dealerships due to warranties provided on purchase.

The service we offer

It doesn’t matter what type of vehicle your Electric or Hybrid car is, you can feel rest assured that we’ll take the best possible care of it. We’re pleased to offer you a range of services and parts for all hybrid models. Your peace of mind is important to us and that’s why our technicians are Bosch trained to the latest ILM standards which means our clients are always in safe hands.

When it comes to fuel and maintenance repairs, Electric and Hybrid Vehicles are cheaper than their petrol consuming counterparts. Luckily, you’ll continue to save money due to the fantastic price of our servicing. We don’t offer set-priced servicing which means every service is customised for each individual vehicle meaning you will only pay for what is required. As honesty is so important to us, we quote our customers for all items before carrying out any work. We can also tailor services to customers’ individual budgets.

If you’d like a custom quote for car servicing on your vehicle please contact us on 0161 477 6266 or at info@delany-motors.co.uk and provide us with your Vehicle Registration, Make & Model, Mileage and any previous service history you have.