21st November 2017

How to Properly Defrost Your Windscreen

“Winter is coming” and with the plunging temperatures and frosty mornings comes that hassle of defrosting your cars windscreen and windows. Frost and ice are starting to grace us every morning and we’re here to offer some advice and hopefully take the stress out of your mornings defrosting.

We’ve got a few nifty hacks to help you defrost your windscreen quickly, preventing damage to your car so you can drive away as quickly and safely as possible.


  1. Turn the cars heating on
    The first thing to do is turn on your engine and put the heating on full. If you have a heated windscreen/back window turn this on too.
    Don’t  leave your car unattended, and if you do need to nip back into the house turn the engine off and take your keys with you.

    The dehumidified dry air produced by your air con can clear a steamed up windscreen much quicker. So switch your air con on to get rid of any condensation on the inside.
  1. Warm (not boiling) Water
    Don’t let the idea of cracking your windscreen put you off. If you pour warm water over your windscreen the ice will melt quickly and you can remove any excess slush with an ice scraper. Please don’t boil the kettle for this, if the water is too hot it could lead to the glass cracking so stick to warm water from your tap.
  2. De-icer
    A de-icer spray used with an ice scraper is a great solution. You need to use a fair amount and allow the de-icer to work before starting to scrape away.
    You can make your own de-icer solution by mixing 1/3 water with 2/3 rubbing alcohol or 2/3 vinegar… or simply buy a de-icing spray at your local petrol station.
  1. Ice Scraper
    Combine an ice scraper with de-icer and you’ll be well on your way. We have free ice scrapers available for all of our customers, pop in to collect one.
    You should never use anything other than a car-specific scraper as credit cards or sharp objects can scratch your screen.

    Top Tip: Keep your gloves handy for this one

  1. Prevention
    Prevent ice and frost from building up by laying a blanket, towel or thick sheet of cardboard across your windscreen every evening. In the morning you will have a frost-free window. This method is even more effective if you soak the towel in a water and salt solution first.
If you would like your car serviced before or during the winter, please contact our friendly team today.