3rd February 2024

Servicing your Jaguar car

Servicing your Jaguar car – choose the independent Stockport specialist

‘We specialise in Jaguar servicing, diagnostics and repair.’

With any car repair, it’s so important you choose a local specialist, who has the knowledge, experience and parts to get you safely back on the road in no time. Servicing your Jaguar is no exception and due to the prestige brand, it’s even more important you choose a reputable garage that specialises in the brand.

Jaguars require a specialised, bespoke service; due to the complexity of their parts and the expert skills and machinery it takes to service them. We want every customer to have full peace of mind when booking your Jaguar in for a service, trusting that your model is in the safest hands with us, where customer service and satisfaction are always top priorities.

It’s widely accepted within the world of prestigious vehicle brands that Jaguars tend to fall into the more expensive-to-maintain category due to many reasons. It’s also acknowledged that within the Jaguar brand itself, maintenance costs can widely fluctuate between the different models. However, with regular maintenance, they are built with longevity, with most proving still roadworthy after driving 150,000 miles or more.

Due to the high-spec, intelligent nature of your Jaguar, its in-built Flexible Service will alert you to when a service is due (depending on your driving style, preferences, and conditions). We recommend servicing your Jaguar at the correct service intervals based on your mileage or age of the vehicle, this is called manufacturers servicing.  

Servicing your Jaguar car with Delany motors.

We pride ourselves on the length of service we have provided to Stockport residents, doing what we do best for over 40 years. When it comes to Jaguars, we’ve worked on the whole range of models, diagnosing and repairing the most problematic issues, to rarest seen faults.

Such first-hand experience has meant we’re quick to diagnose and outline the estimates and costs of any work that is needed to get you back to optimum driving conditions and on your way.  

Especially with the ongoing cost of living crisis, we’re pleased to continue working with all budgets and strive to offer the same professional, specialist work at a fraction of the cost as your main dealer. For added peace of mind, with certainty, we confirm your manufacturer’s warranty remains unaffected by servicing your vehicle with us and we will always update your Jaguar Digital Service Record or stamp your service book as required.

With up to 50% off main dealer prices and our promise to never complete any work without your prior knowledge and authorisation, your finances, as well as your vehicle are safeguarded with us. Our trusted and honest experts never start to work on your Jaguar without your full knowledge and consent.

Servicing your Jaguar car – what to expect  

Once you’ve booked in with one of our expert technicians, you might wonder what’s to expect throughout the servicing of your Jaguar. We wanted to outline the process for you, so it’s clear and leaves you feeling confident.

A full service includes:

– Genuine Jaguar or High-Quality aftermarket parts (budget depending – this will be included in the discussions with each owner before work takes place)

– Specialised servicing, repairs and maintenance to any part of your Jaguar

– Up to 50% off Main Dealer prices

– ‘While you wait’ servicing (depending on the nature and complexity of the work needed)

– Assurance that your Manufacturers Warranty is not affected in any way

All Jaguar services will include a robust assessment, made up of in-depth checks of the vehicle dependant on its age and mileage.

The benefits of regularly servicing your Jaguar

Servicing your Jaguar car on a regular basis is essential for optimal car health and keeping you on the road for longer. It involves the following benefits:

  • Fuel efficiency
  • Less problematic, potential expensive repairs further down the line
  • Optimised performance throughout each journey
  • Peace of mind for you as the driver and vehicle owner
  • Ensures consistent reliability
  • Allows the technician to locate minor issues before they’re exasperated and costly
  • Guarantees safety for all involved and travelling on the road, due to a decreased possibility of accidents occurring
  • Ensures the Jaguar’s engine runs smoothly for longer
  • Enhances overall driver experience – which is something you strive for with investing in such a luxury brand

Different types of Jaguar services

For most makes and models, especially newer vehicles, we recommend opting for manufacturer servicing to keep your vehicle’s performance at its optimum.

Where manufacturer’s service schedules have not previously been followed, we recommend alternating annually between interim and full services. If you have no service history on the vehicle we would recommend a full service, followed by an interim the following year.

Many of our customers choose to combine their service with their annual MOT Test, meaning one convenient trip to the garage. This can save you money and time. Remember, it is a legal requirement to complete a yearly MOT test on your Jaguar once it hits the three-year mark.

We are happy to discuss the best service for your vehicle, depending on your mileage, age, and budget. For more information on any of the Jaguar service types, feel free to contact us today .

Jaguar servicing: why choose JDM

For decades, we have prioritised training our technicians to be experts in the field of servicing vehicles. They are exceptionally qualified and experienced in dealing with prestige brands, such as Jaguar. With us, you’re always in safe, honest, reliable hands.

As touched upon in a previous article, technician training is something we feel incredibly passionate about. We invest heavily, in both our time and money so that each of our technicians is trained and up skilled alongside the rapid advancements that continually happen within the motoring world. All regulations, guidelines and best practices are followed within every job we complete.

Should you have any questions regarding the maintenance of your Jaguar, one of our team is always on hand to help. We also have a FAQ information page for you to read, which is specifically dedicated to all servicing-related questions.

To speak to one of our dedicated technicians about any Jaguar or service-related questions, feel free to contact us today.