17th December 2021

Workshop Extension Update

In October 2020 the building work commenced to extend the workshop. Initially, completion was expected by Spring 2021 but Covid19 created various setbacks.  The contractors struggled in some instances to secure the required materials, which delayed the extension.  However, thirteen months on, the extension is now nearly complete.  The size of the workshop has increased by 30%.  The installation of the new inspection pit means that we are now able to Service, MOT & Repair Class 5 & Class 7 vehicles.  Read our blog here to learn more about which vehicles qualify as Class 5 & Class 7 vehicles.

The new 9 Metre Steel Inspection Pit Installation

We are now able to Service, MOT and Repair Class 7 vehicles

As the extension progresses, the wall to the left of the inspection pit will be removed, which will join the new area to the existing workshop. To keep up to date with the John Delany workshop extension please follow us on social media.